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Putt-Putt® TravelsThroughTime

4 usd

Humongous Entertainment Presents: Putt-Putt® Travels Through Time!While on his way to school, Putt-Putt and Pep decide to stop by the old firework factory, which is now a research lab.
While testing a new time machine, Pep jumps in and gets lost in time. Help Putt-Putt and don’t blink as we travel to different periods in time to find Pep and restore time to normal.
—User Reviews— “This one is the most randomized of the lot, So you can see that this game has great replayability.”
“A little difficult at first, but worth the effort.”
“Its amazing how creative this game and all other Putt Putt games are. Don’t hesitate to get this for a child of any computer skill level.”
FEATURES: • Putt-Putt travels into the prehistoric past and back to the future in this all-new adventure. • There is no fix point in time, so interact with everything you can find and travel back and forth to see what new mysteries you can unlock. • Fun mini-games keep players entertained if they want to break away from the story.